1. Limited Edition BG Letter Jacket


    $55 USD

  2. Limited Edition Purple Figure Screen Print


    $15 USD

  3. Geometric Giraffe T


    $18 USD

  4. Shoes T


    $18 USD

  5. Talk Cheap – Purple Cassette Edition


    $8 USD

  6. Talk Cheap – Talk Cheap Compact Discs

    Compact Disc (CD)

    $9 USD

  7. Drunk Tank Pink – CD

    Compact Disc (CD)

    $10 USD


Black Giraffe Seattle, Washington

A Rock n’ Soul band of square pegs. Black Giraffe appreciates the one guy dancing like no one’s watching in a crowd full of overly self-conscious people seemingly trapped in the tiny town from Footloose. This band aims to turn everyone in the audience into Kevin Bacon by mixing Soul, R&B, rock, afrobeat, and any rhythm that moves people with an experimental pop palette. ... more

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